“Power to the People” and would you like £500?

“Power to the People” and would you like £500?

Would you like to see £500 back in your bank account?

I would normally expect this offer to be followed by a well-rehearsed sales pitch, outlining the various pros and cons., except this time, the offer came to me in February and it was so low-key, that I didn’t act upon it until yesterday (April). That delay probably cost me about £100.

So what’s the deal?

Well, it’s your home energy bill.

When was the last time you changed your home energy tariffs? Was it six months, a year or two, or maybe you’ve never changed it?

I changed mine last night and will be paying £45 per month less than I have been. Over the next 12 months, all thing being equal, that will save me £540. That could be £1000 of your salary before tax (depending on your tax rate of course).

Still, it makes you think, what would you do with an extra £540?

Ergoe Energy is seeking crowdfunding to help develop an App that will switch domestic energy tariffs to the cheapest available tariff, on a month by month basis. Looking to the future, the roll out of Smart Meters may enable tariffs to be switch by the hour, with all the micro-transactions taking place within the Ergoe Energy platform.

If you would like to help make this a reality, visit the SEEDRS investment site today, make an investment in Ergoe Energy, and in return, you will get some equity and a stake in the future of the domestic energy ecosystem.


I wonder if £540 would be enough to buy Citizen Smith/Robert Lindsay’s T-shirt, “Power to the People”?